Vera Quinn

president & chief revenue officer
Vera Quinn

Cydcor National Conference 2018- Highlights

November 29, 2018

Watch some of the best moments shared during Cydcor’s National Conference 2018 this past summer. Hear from top leaders in our industry what it takes to be so good. [...]Read More >

Vera Quinn

Vera Quinn Says Choose Your Path & Write Your Fortune

May 1, 2018

Some people say that fortune favors the bold. At Cydcor, we tend to agree. Fortune—or luck, or opportunity, whatever you prefer to call it—doesn’t simply happen; it’s up to each of us to seize every moment and choose our own path, write our own fortunes. In this excerpt from one of her many Keys to [...]Read More >

Vera Quinn

Vera Quinn on How to Get to the Top

November 16, 2017

Climb to new heights with these words of encouragement from Cydcor executive Vera Quinn. Quinn delivers a message about perseverance, enduring hardship, overcoming obstacles and the satisfaction that comes from reaching your goals, in business and beyond. Quinn is no stranger to ascent. Since joining Cydcor, Quinn has climbed the ranks, leaving her mark after [...]Read More >

Vera Quinn

This or That, Episode 2: PC vs. Mac & More

November 16, 2017

Games are a great way to get to know someone or build rapport on a team. That’s why we like to run several games at our conferences—including our decision-making game, This or That! In Episode 2 of This or That, we posed “this versus that”-type questions to Cydcor President Vera Quinn, organizational consultants Chris Auwarter [...]Read More >

Vera Quinn

This or That, Episode 3: Cats vs. Dogs & More

September 29, 2017

We love to learn about members of the Cydcor team, from the on-the-ground sales teams to the C-suite executives. That’s why we play games like This or That, the hot-seat decision-making game. In Episode 3 of This or That, we posed “this versus that”-type questions to Cydcor CEO Gary Polson, President Vera Quinn, and others. [...]Read More >

Vera Quinn

Go After What You Want Out of Life

September 14, 2017

Cydcor’s President, Vera Quinn, encourages you to find your “why.” Discovering what you really want out of your career and out of life is the first step to achieving it. Closely follow Vera’s advice, and you should be well on your way to achieving your goals. [...]Read More >

Vera Quinn

One Word, Episode 1: Failure, Success & More

September 6, 2017

How fast do you think on your feet? Thinking quickly under pressure is a critical component of success in sales, and we value it highly here at Cydcor. We wanted to see this skill in action from some of our top team members—that’s why we created our One Word game, the fast-talking, quick-on-your-feet word association [...]Read More >

Vera Quinn

Cydcor Professionals Make the Tough Choices

September 1, 2017

The best part of Cydcor’s corporate culture are the fun personalities! Discover a little bit about business leaders like Vera Quinn, Gary Polson, Adam Dorfman, Rich Mangafas, and more as they face some tricky decisions. Beer or wine? Froot Loops or Cap’n Crunch? At Cydcor, we ask the tough questions! Which would you choose? [...]Read More >

Vera Quinn

Our Executives Explain What Sets Cydcor Apart

April 13, 2017

See what sets us apart from the competition. Chairman and CEO Gary Polson, Vice Chairman Jim Majeski, and President and CRO Vera Quinn each share their executive vision and highlight what really makes Cydcor different. From top to bottom, the structure of Cydcor’s corporate culture is what allows us to provide industry-leading outsourced sales solutions [...]Read More >

Vera Quinn

Inspirational Speech by COO Vera Quinn: Fortune Favors The Bold

August 26, 2016

Choices define our fortune. What choices are you making every day? How will they shape your future? COO Vera Quinn gave this inspirational speech encouraging us to write our own fortunes. “Fortune favors the bold” originates from the Goddess of Luck, Fortuna, who favored people with strength of character, and the gumption to take action [...]Read More >

Vera Quinn

Vera Quinn Directs a Movie

July 7, 2016

It’s Cydcor President Vera Quinn’s debut performance! Do you think she has what it takes to make it in Tinsel town? Watch as she tries out a new career as a movie director! At Cydcor, we provide exciting opportunities for sales professionals and help them achieve their professional goals. But we also like to have [...]Read More >

Vera Quinn

A Day in Cydcor President, Vera Quinn’s, Life

July 6, 2016

What does a successful day at Cydcor look like? Vera Quinn, Cydcor’s President, gives us an exclusive look at her daily agenda to show us the secret to a productive day. You too can have a productive career, like Vera. Check out these amazing opportunities and join the Cydcor team : https://cydcor.com/careers.php [...]Read More >

Vera Quinn

Cydcor CEO Vera Quinn on The Essential Skills Managers Need

July 5, 2016

Throughout a successful sales career, Vera Quinn has discovered management skills that separate good salespeople from great ones. While the typical sales professional may focus on taking control of situations, the extraordinary sales professional practices active listening to discover solutions that meets the client’s needs. Don’t fall into the same trap. The client is looking [...]Read More >

Vera Quinn

Cydcor President and CRO: Vera Quinn

June 14, 2016

When you’re the president and CRO of an industry-leading company, what does your morning look like? Cydcor Embedded chose to spend a morning with Vera Quinn, and her mornings start off like a lot of folks’: saying goodbye to family, having coffee, playing with the dog, prepping for the day ahead. What sets her apart? [...]Read More >

Vera Quinn

Cydcor and Operation Smile Work Together to Change Children’s Lives

March 28, 2016

Since 2011, Cydcor has partnered with Operation Smile to raise money to make a difference in the lives of children born with cleft palates and other facial deformities in needy areas such as Brazil, Guatemala, Bolivia, and Mexico. Since its inception, Operation Smile has provided more than 200,000 surgeries to children in need all over [...]Read More >

Vera Quinn

Words to Live By with Executive Vera Quinn

January 20, 2016

It’s impossible to know what the future holds, but Cydcor executive Vera Quinn says by being grateful, being present and unleashing magnificence, we can ensure we’re the best versions of ourselves. More than just words to live by, these are words to thrive by. Following these three principles, Quinn has risen through the ranks at [...]Read More >

Vera Quinn

Vera Quinn on Putting One Foot in Front of the Other

November 26, 2013

Get to know more about what motivates Cydcor President and CRO, Vera Quinn. A seasoned executive who has been integral to driving revenue, expanding the client base, and supporting the ranks of the independently owned sales companies, Vera shares a slice-of-life anecdote about joining her beloved husband and their son on a hike—only to meet [...]Read More >

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