This or That, Episode 3: Cats vs. Dogs & More

  • September 29, 2017

We love to learn about members of the Cydcor team, from the on-the-ground sales teams to the C-suite executives. That’s why we play games like This or That, the hot-seat decision-making game.

In Episode 3 of This or That, we posed “this versus that”-type questions to Cydcor CEO Gary Polson, President Vera Quinn, and others. We learned a lot! Questions included:

• Books or movies
• Cats or dogs
• Early bird or night owl
• Steak or sushi

Those are some tough choices to make! Which sides do you find yourself on?

Activities like this highlight the importance of being able to think quickly under pressure. This is a top skill amongst successful salespeople and marketers, and one that all members of the Cydcor team have in common.

Watch Episode 3 of This or That and play long.

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