One Word, Episode 1: Failure, Success & More

  • September 6, 2017

How fast do you think on your feet? Thinking quickly under pressure is a critical component of success in sales, and we value it highly here at Cydcor. We wanted to see this skill in action from some of our top team members—that’s why we created our One Word game, the fast-talking, quick-on-your-feet word association game.

In Episode 1 of One Word, we presented single words, one at a time, to Cydcor’s Gary Polson, Vera Quinn, and others, to see what they would associate those words with. The answers were very telling! The words included:

• Failure
• Success
• Giraffe
• Winning
• Cydcor
• Gary Polson
• Vera Quinn
• Pickles

How quickly could you come up with associations for each of these words? What did you learn about yourself?

Watch Episode 1 of One Word, play along, and see if you think quick on your feet like Cydcor team members.

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