Career Tips

Career Tips

Tips to Jump-Start Your Career

May 18, 2018

We love encouraging the next wave of leaders in sales and marketing, which is why the Cydcor team routinely doles out advice for new college grads embarking on their careers. In this video, we gathered a bit of advice from a few members of the Cydcor network on what new grads should focus on to [...]Read More >

Career Tips

Words from Lalo Burgos: Show Up

March 6, 2018

Members of the Cydcor team who’ve had great success love to share their words of wisdom with their teammates—and with everyone else! In this video, Lalo Burgos shares the most important advice he can impart to those starting out in sales, but it applies to every profession and each area of your personal life: Show [...]Read More >

Career Tips

Cydcor’s Holly Clark Talks Leadership

July 4, 2017

Entrepreneur Holly Clark inspires audiences with her message about consistency and hard work. Listen as she explains how she motivates herself every day to take pride in her achievements and to be the best leader that she can be. Holly is one of the many amazing speakers that are part of the Cydcor family. Are [...]Read More >

Career Tips

Cydcor is Your Working MBA

August 16, 2016

Most of us don’t have the luxury of attending business school, and thus have to thrive with nothing but our own grit and determination. So Cal Group President and Cydcor consultant Tedford Picha explains why working on the ground, gathering real life business experience can be as good as any MBA. [...]Read More >

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