Vice Chairman Jim Majeski on Becoming a Cydcor All-Star

  • September 2, 2016

When you’re first starting out, navigating your career path can be pretty intimidating. You’re not always sure which direction to go and where it will lead. They may be superstars, but NFL quarterbacks feel the same way when they first start out. Sure, you have the skills. That’s why you’re here. But knowing where and how to apply them can take time and experience. That’s why you need an experienced team behind you.

Jim Majeski, Cydcor Vice Chairman, discusses the power of building the right team in the sales industry to help you call the crucial plays. Cydcor is made up of professionals that lead face-to-face sales and expand our independently-owned sales offices. With these professionals guarding your back, every play will be a touchdown.

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