Cydcor Visits Pacifica High School Business Academy as Business Mentors

  • February 26, 2018

At Cydcor, we’re committed to giving back to our communities. Sometimes, this comes in the form of fundraisers and mission trips. Other times, we do community outreach that includes business mentorship. In this video montage, we see Cydcor execs—including Gary Polson and Vera Quinn—visit the students of Pacifica High School Business Academy to give them some business mentorship and hear what their business interests are.

The visit included information sessions, group discussions, and more, offering students an opportunity to interact with business execs who’ve been in the sales and marketing trenches. Students can see what it looks like to work hard, fail better, and keep going.

See what the Cydcor team looks like when giving back, and learn more about opportunities with us!

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