CEO Gary Polson on Commitment: the Key to Sales Success

  • July 22, 2016

Sales skills aren’t all it takes to make it in the outsourced sales business—but they sure do put you at the head of the pack. Cydcor chairman and CEO Gary Polson breaks down what he finds to be the three most important things that team members gain from their time at the company:

  • Great for your resume, a year-plus long stay at a company shows stability
  • Sales skills, which are great in each industry and all areas of life
  • Commitment, above all else—everything rests on commitment

“I believe everything great in life comes with commitment,” says Gary. He also shares with us his father’s philosophy on life: “Life is ‘Monkey see, monkey do,’ not ‘Monkey say, monkey do.'” This means that we’re to lead by example. Gary has been leading by example at Cydcor since 2001; in that time, revenue has increased six-fold, in part because of his leadership and never-settle attitude.

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