Vera Quinn

Vera Quinn

Never Have I Ever with Cydcor Episode 2

December 20, 2018

If you enjoy playing Never Have I Ever, you’ll love this fun episode from Cydcor. Watch it today to see the company’s president Vera Quinn ask entrepreneurs interesting Never Have I Ever questions. From using a person’s toothbrush without asking to falling asleep in a business meeting, the group’s answers are sure to surprise you! [...]Read More >

Vera Quinn

Cydcor National Conference 2018- Highlights

November 29, 2018

Get a taste of the inspiration and excitement of the Cydcor 2018 NatCon. Our national conference includes amazing speeches, presentations from big names and awards that recognize outstanding achievements. Watch this recap to see the 2018 NatCon and see what might await you in the years ahead! [...]Read More >

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