Executive Videos

Executive Videos

Words from Gary Polson: Face to Face

September 29, 2017

Cydcor CEO Gary Polson is a leader in this industry because of his savvy, and because he keeps it simple. His simple, effective words of advice: stay face to face. Growth is the key to everything, especially your career. When choosing a career, Gary says, it’s important to find yourself in a growth industry—something that’ll [...]Read More >

Executive Videos

Our Executives Explain What Sets Cydcor Apart

April 13, 2017

See what sets us apart from the competition. Chairman and CEO Gary Polson, Vice Chairman Jim Majeski, and President and CRO Vera Quinn each share their executive vision and highlight what really makes Cydcor different. From top to bottom, the structure of Cydcor’s corporate culture is what allows us to provide industry-leading outsourced sales solutions [...]Read More >

Executive Videos

Get to Know Cydcor President Vera Quinn

June 14, 2016

When you’re the president and CRO of an industry-leading company, what does your morning look like? Cydcor Embedded chose to spend a morning with Vera Quinn, and her mornings start off like a lot of folks’: saying goodbye to family, having coffee, playing with the dog, prepping for the day ahead. What sets her apart? [...]Read More >

Executive Videos

Executive Jim Majeski on Why He Loves This Business

January 22, 2016

Learn why people, and helping them grow and learn, is behind Cydcor executive Jim Majeski’s love for the sales business. Learn why Majeski sees it as the company’s responsibility to help nurture and cultivate talent, whether someone will be with the company for six month, six years or beyond. Now Cydcor’s Vice Chairman, Majeski’s passion [...]Read More >

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