Career Inspiration

Career Inspiration

Taking The Stage: Inside Jonathan Perry’s Promotion

March 3, 2020

Being honored in front of hundreds of people for your career achievement is a big moment in time for anyone. Jonathan “JP” Perry reflects and shares his feelings about fulfilling his career aspirations on his big day. [...]Read More >

Career Inspiration

Celebrating Jonathan Perry’s Career Milestone!

February 28, 2020

This year, JP was promoted to Organization Consultant at Keys to Success 2020. From the words of Cydcor President Vera Quinn, “In his mind, it’s all about “how do I help my people.” Congrats to an outstanding success JP! [...]Read More >

Career Inspiration

Jesus Jacome’s Career Milestone: Congratulatory Video

November 26, 2018

In 2018, Jesus Jacome became an Organizational Consultant. At Cydcor, we love to the celebrate the hard work and success of others. Check out this montage of Jesus’s career milestone speech and hear inside info from his family, colleagues and Cydcor executives about exactly what kind of leader he is. [...]Read More >

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