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Pictionary Round 2 – Team Building

September 28, 2018

Round 2 of Pictionary shows us more great guesses from some Cydcor’s guests, Brandie, Julie, Hannah, Mark, Adrienne, and Okletey. Watch as our participants draw some team-focused phrases — and guess some funny answers! Pictionary is a great team-building activity. It not only encourages different types of communication, it also helps break the ice and [...]Read More >

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Traits of an Entrepreneur

September 25, 2018

What do entrepreneurs have in common? Watch Cydcor’s CEO, Gary Polson share the traits that he thinks help the independent company owners in our network be great at what they do. From a student mentality, to great coaching skills, to a passion for overcoming obstacles and facing their fears, there are certain common denominators among [...]Read More >

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Round 1 of Pictionary for Team Building | Cydcor

September 20, 2018

If you’re looking for a fun midday pick-me-up, watch this first round of Pictionary with some Cydcor’s guests. Playing Pictionary is a great way to foster collaboration and improve communication with your teammates. Get a laugh as you watch these teams draw and guess some fun phrases! What are some of the phrases? Try to [...]Read More >

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Cydcor’s Health and Wellness Expo 2018

August 27, 2018

At Cydcor, we know taking care of our physical and financial health is important. Today we hosted our annual Health and Financial Wellness Expo where our team members got to speak with multiple vendors to improve their well-being! [...]Read More >

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Cinco de Mayo Jalapeño Challenge

May 10, 2018

We wanted to spice things up around the Cydcor office this Cinco de Mayo, so we decided to challenge some team members to a pepper eating challenge! What can we say? We not only work hard, we play hard too! Even our play is competitive, goal oriented, and about striving! Three peppers were given to [...]Read More >

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Tag, You’re It! The #Hashtag Game

April 30, 2018

How about a game of tag? At the most recent Keys to Success conference, we asked some members of the Cydcor network to create some hashtags for a game we like to call #Hashtag It! We love a good word game, and we love to see what kinds of strong, positive associations members of the [...]Read More >

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Spring has Sprung: Celebrate with Cydcor

March 30, 2018

It’s springtime, and we’re ready to celebrate here at Cydcor! Spring is a time of rebirth, renewal, and growth—what better symbols for our approach to goals, business, and learning. This year, as spring has sprung we’ve been joined by a furry smiling face around the office—check it out. Think you’d like to celebrate spring—and your [...]Read More >

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Ep. 2: Can You Guess What’s It For?

February 1, 2018

In this episode of Can You Guess What’s It For?, our contestants get more interesting items than before and figure out how they’re used. Watch as Tony, Ed, Vanessa, Julie and Anthony try to make heads or tails of these objects that don’t work in any way you’d expect. [...]Read More >

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Remembering The Best Moments of 2017

January 23, 2018

Kick off the new year with a celebration of the incredible accomplishments in 2017 and the people that made them possible. From the valuable skills learned during Bell Week to our collective philanthropy efforts with Operation Smile, we’re strongest together and, as these highlights show, we can do anything we put our minds to. [...]Read More >

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Ep. 1: Can You Guess What’s It For?

January 8, 2018

Welcome to Can You Guess What’s It For?, a guessing game where contestants figure out how weird and interesting objects are used. You’ll see the shape of the item in question, then watch as Tony, Ed, Vanessa, Julie, and Anthony try to figure it out. The answers are never what you’d think, and their guesses [...]Read More >

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Remember These 90’s Toys and Games?

December 24, 2017

The 90s were a glorious time. That’s why we’re unwrapping some of the decade’s most iconic toys and games this holiday season with the 2017 Real Rising Stars of Los Angeles. From Pokémon Cards to Polly Pocket, Slap Bracelets, Pogs and more, let this flashback to the 90’s take you back to fond memories of [...]Read More >

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Can You Guess the Emoji Phrase?

November 16, 2017

Life moves fast when you’re chasing your dreams. That’s probably part of the reason we find ourselves using emojis more frequently in our daily communications. Getting an idea down and sent to whomever needs it quickly is key in business, but what would happen if we tried to convey messages entirely in emoji? Cydcor put [...]Read More >

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This or That, Episode 2: PC vs. Mac & More

November 16, 2017

Games are a great way to get to know someone or build rapport on a team. That’s why we like to run several games at our conferences—including our decision-making game, This or That! In Episode 2 of This or That, we posed “this versus that”-type questions to Cydcor President Vera Quinn, organizational consultants Chris Auwarter [...]Read More >

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This or That, Episode 3: Cats vs. Dogs & More

September 29, 2017

We love to learn about members of the Cydcor team, from the on-the-ground sales teams to the C-suite executives. That’s why we play games like This or That, the hot-seat decision-making game. In Episode 3 of This or That, we posed “this versus that”-type questions to Cydcor CEO Gary Polson, President Vera Quinn, and others. [...]Read More >

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One Word, Episode 1: Failure, Success & More

September 6, 2017

How fast do you think on your feet? Thinking quickly under pressure is a critical component of success in sales, and we value it highly here at Cydcor. We wanted to see this skill in action from some of our top team members—that’s why we created our One Word game, the fast-talking, quick-on-your-feet word association [...]Read More >

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Cydcor Professionals Make the Tough Choices

September 1, 2017

The best part of Cydcor’s corporate culture are the fun personalities! Discover a little bit about business leaders like Vera Quinn, Gary Polson, Adam Dorfman, Rich Mangafas, and more as they face some tricky decisions. Beer or wine? Froot Loops or Cap’n Crunch? At Cydcor, we ask the tough questions! Which would you choose? [...]Read More >

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Vera Quinn Directs a Movie

July 7, 2016

It’s Cydcor President Vera Quinn’s debut performance! Do you think she has what it takes to make it in Tinsel town? Watch as she tries out a new career as a movie director! At Cydcor, we provide exciting opportunities for sales professionals and help them achieve their professional goals. But we also like to have [...]Read More >

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A Day in Cydcor President, Vera Quinn’s, Life

July 6, 2016

What does a successful day at Cydcor look like? Vera Quinn, Cydcor’s President, gives us an exclusive look at her daily agenda to show us the secret to a productive day. You too can have a productive career, like Vera. Check out these amazing opportunities and join the Cydcor team : [...]Read More >


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